I stumbled across this PBoT page at the site, and noticed the, "beta", button up top.  Included are a comprehensive FAQs link, and links to edifying legal resources.  There are parking maps, and links to the TEAM OREGON group, too.  Also, I notice there are resources for scooter riders, and various other motorized two-wheeled transportation, that may, or may not, fit the description, "motorcycle", exactly.

This looks like a great resource.  I haven't had time to critique the content but I'm most excited about the inclusion of motorcycles and scooters under the active-transportation heading.  I have observed many active-transportation supporters oppose the inclusion of motorcycle riders due, in my opinion, to the fact the motorcycle still burns gasoline.  While I can't help but agree, I also like to emphasize the fairly arduous challenges a motorcycle rider faces in Oregon, relative to those faced by the automobile operators; and subsequently I maintain that the personal sacrifices made while operating a motorcycle in winter conditions is tantamount to, "active".  Never mind the issue of fuel economy.  Knowing what I know about current politics at city hall, I'm amazed that motorcycles have made the cut, so to speak, and only hope their presence at the City as a form of active transportation is not simply some coincidence.